Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Attracting & retaining clients: the difference between Promotion & Marketing

A recent Linked In post about National Pet Dental Health Month shared an idea for a dental promotion.  The promotion apparently asked clients to send in pet pictures.

The person making the post remarked that the practice already received seven email pictures in only 2 hours!

PROMOTIONS in which a practice invites clients to submit entertaining pictures or stories, participate in contests, etc., are fine as long as they are not mistaken for marketing.

The practice that is serious about MARKETING dental care – or any other services – recognizes that this is not something that you wrap around an observance and hold once a year.  Instead, you drive it all year with a focused marketing strategy.
  • Who are the best targets?
  • What are clients’  resistance points?
  • Which patients are at highest risk?
  • How can we gain traction – and credibility – with our message?
  • What makes dental care compelling – why should pet owners should pay attention?
  • What are the consequences of poor dental care?
  • What are the benefits of good dental care?
  • What are the success stories?
  • How can we ENGAGE clients?
  • How can we make clients a partner in their pet’s dental care?
Dental disease is a serious subject.  As we learned when our orange tabby stopped eating.  Our last vet said “bad tooth – needs to come out.”   Sent us home.    Happens again a few months later.  “Whoops – another bad tooth – needs to come out.”  Sent us home.  NEW vet – “You have an Orange Tabby.  I want you come over here.  See these red spots . . . “   

And you know the rest.  He (the orange tabby) now gets his teeth cleaned regularly and he gets regular check ups.  We -- his family now understand why.

The point -- BUILDING your dental services areas – and increasing client involvement  cannot be done through an annual PROMOTION. 

Yes, its National Pet Dental Health Month – and that’s great.  But if you really want to grow this area at your practice, you’ll look at ways to MARKET this service instead of just promote it. 

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