Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Marketing has to be an “inside job.”

When veterinary practices talk about marketing, I frequently hear them say something like, “We are looking for someone to ‘do’ marketing for us.”   Or, “So and so ‘does’ our marketing for us.”

Marketing is NOT something that you go out and hire somebody to “do” for you.   Marketing is something that you ADOPT.  When you adopt marketing principles at your practice, you make a commitment about the way that you are going to run your practice. 

Practices that embrace marketing are making a commitment to:
  • Being market driven, i.e, CARING about the local community and identifying its needs.
  • Understanding pet owners – and what’s important to THEM and not just to the practice.
  • Determining what represents VALUE to pet owners – and delivering it every step of the way.
  • Being proactive – and looking out for clients and their pets beyond the transaction.
  • Recognizing that not all pets are the same and delivering a level of care that takes into account pets’ unique heredities and health risks.
This is marketing.  It’s understanding how to connect in a way that is hard to find at the practice down the street.  It’s creating services that are in touch with the marketplace and  delivering them to the right targets in the right way at the right time.

It’s creating a practice that is so in touch it’s hard for any pet owner to go down the street.

Marketing is not something that you do.  It’s not creating a new website.  It’s not posting a bunch of stuff on social media.  It’s not sending out a newsletter.

While all of these CHANNELS can play a role in message delivery, they unto themselves are not marketing.

Marketing is not a bunch of messages telling pet owners “Pick us, Pick us.“   It’s the driving force behind why a pet owner should choose your practice in the first place.    

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